You Can Look But You Can't Touch!!


When that guy texts you back immediately.


Brie Bella, standing against the wall with her hands tied above her head, chewing her lip nervously as my cum runs down her sculpted stomach and over her thighs. This is what I want.

Nothing like doing a Trey Songz music video in #mycalvins


briannagc ( @nicoleandbri) Instagram “Nothing like a little wrist art. Lovin’ my @lolajamesjewelry B bracelet and my heart shaped @nashelledesigns bracelet #totaldivas #love #wristart “


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After Roman beats Mark Henry


Roman: I beat the big man. I’m the shit. I told y’all niggas I can do it.
Seth: You hit him with the punch like boom. It was awesome, yeahhhh
Dean: *Stares and thinks. I coulda beat him no big deal. You’re not the stronger Shield member* attacks Mark

GIFS per episode: Brie Bella
Total Divas 1.07 A Leg Up

Where is Drew’s leather rock star pants?


Dean right after Roman won.


Then he goes and kicks Mark Henry and Roman is just like


And Seth is just there like


Im still shakng my head cuz Goldust breathed on Cody and touched his lips.

Then he said he ripped wings off butterflies…..I’m not sure what to think now.

But they did look cute sitting there with the toys.

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